High Accuracy Automatic Down Filling Machine JFSCR-2P-6

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    Suggested Price(USD) Inquiry Power 3.75kW
    Voltage 220V 50/60Hz Minimum pressure required 0.8Mpa
    Volume of tank 0.8m³ Main Body Box Size(m) 2.5x0.88x3.25
    Weight Box Size(m) 1.8X0.65X0.98 Filling Desk Size(m) /
    Minimum transport channel(m) 1X2.1 Place the smallest area(m) 5x3x3.5
    Recommend placing area(m) 6x4x3.5 N.W/G.W
    Filling Materials Down 70%-90% Filling Port 2
    Down Storage Volume(kg) 18~20 Single charge down weight 10-99.99g
    Weighing error ±0.05g Cycle Number 3
    Weight Range(g) 10-99.99g Accuracy Grade(g) 0.01
    Filling Speed(g/s) 1~12 Pressure Monitoring System
    Humidification system Multiple nozzle size 32 or 38
    Minimum air volume supply 0.8m³/min

    Quality Details

    Specialized, Dedicated, Serves Attentively

    Aviation Connector

    Selected special aviation connector, easy to install, strong capacity of turbulence resistance, reliable and durable, stable signal transmitting guaranteed.

    Acrylic Box

    Special acrylic box, eliminate electrostatic effect, weighing accuracy is high.

    Drive Shaft Zinc Plating-yellow

    High hardness, wear resistance, durable, not easy to rust.

    Operater Desk

    Aluminum alloy filling operater desk, supporting feet adjustable, tightness design, refused to shake.

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