Four tips for choosing right model

Oct 24, 2020

With the continuous development of XIDO machine, there are more than 10 different model. Some customers will be confused when faced with so many models. Today, let’s share four tips for choosing the right model.

1.    Learn about filling material.

XIDO automatic filling machine filling materials are goose/duck down 70-90%, ball fiber and short polyester, the best suitable fiber length is shorter than 2.5cm.

2.    Production Type

XIDO down/fiber filling machines are suitable to fill garment, sleeping bags and duvets. Each model has different applicable field. In addition, It is also convenient for us to make some corresponding changes to the machine, so as to be more suitable for your product.

3.    Target Yield

With this information, we will know which model will guarantee that you can complete the target within the specified time. We want to recommend the best suitable model other than an expensive machine.

4.    Filling range

For garment, there are three types silo specification, 0.1-7g, 0.1-15g, 0.1-25g. Although 25g hold 7g and 15g, if all your filling ranges are less than 7g, such as Uniqlo style, 7g silo is the best suitable one, stability and efficiency will be much better than large silo.


Besides, the easiest way is tell us your product and requirements directly, we will choose the most suitable model from a professional perspective. XIDO automatic filling machine is willing to provide better service for all our customers.